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About Cyber Waves

Cyber Waves is an innovation-driven Information Technology (IT) company with a multinational team spread across Europe, Asia and the Americas and headquarters in The Hague, the Netherlands. Our technology strategists and experts spearhead IT projects across industry domains.

Cyber Waves’ mission is to help businesses and organisations harness the power of digital technologies to drive their growth and transformation agenda. We understand that reaping rewards from digital technologies requires a rethink at the strategic level; it requires aligning organisational strategies with the limitless possibilities of the digital revolution.

The rise of digital technologies has completely upended industries, companies, and consumers, throwing open abundant possibilities to redefine every aspect of business. Digital technologies such as the cloud, the internet of things (IoT), Data Analytics, Automation, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are vital enablers of transformation. However, too often these technologies are used merely to mechanise existing functions. This means that opportunities for growth and transformation are lost

The team at Cyber Waves excels at understanding individual business needs and strategising a seamless and all-inclusive digital transformation of business process at macro and micro levels. Together with our clients, we bring about a wave of innovative solutions benefiting our clients, stakeholders and society at large.

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We enable our clients to meet the demands of high velocity digital change with agility and cost efficiency.

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Our web development team understands the need to improve business efficiency and ensure a good user experience for your customers, employees and partners.

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Our on-demand virtual assistance is designed to be at your service 24/7.

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Cyber Waves provides the knowledge and the technology needed to implement your IoT strategy from ideation to optimisation.

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