How to Generate Videos Using Artificial Intelligence from Text Alone

Pika, developed by Pika Labs, is an advanced artificial intelligence tool that seamlessly transforms text and images into captivating multi-second video clips. To get started with Pika, follow these steps: 

Sign Up for Pika 

Pika Labs no longer has a waiting list. Simply visit the Pika website and sign in using either your Google account or Discord account. While a Discord account provides access to the Pika Discord server with additional features, a Google account still grants full access to the online tool. 

How to Use Pika  

  1. Text-Based Generation:

   – Type your prompt into the text box on the main page. 

   – Press the Enter key to initiate the generation process. 

   – The selected prompt and options significantly influence the output, so experiment with different combinations. 

  1. Image or Video Input:

   – Click on the “Image” or “Video” button to attach media for additional context. 

   – This can enhance the AI’s understanding and creativity. 

  1. Wait for Generation:

   – The generation process may take a minute or two during peak times, so be patient and allow it to complete. 

Prompt Tips 

  1. Basic Prompt Structure:

   – Keep prompts simple and direct, including subject, shot type, scene description, and lighting effect. 

   – Choose a specific style like anime, cinematic, or pixel art. 

  1. Use Pre-Generated Images:

   – Utilize images generated in separate text-to-image tools like Midjourney or Dall-E as a base model for Pika. 

  1. Negative Prompts:

   – If unsatisfied with certain video outputs, employ negative prompts in the Parameters menu to specify undesired elements, such as “low resolution” or “blurry background.” 

Changing Aspect Ratio in Pika 

  1. Write or Upload Prompt:

   – Input or upload your prompt, but don’t submit it yet.   

  1. Adjust Video Options:

   – Click on the Video options icon (four disconnected corners of a square) before submitting. 

   – Select the desired aspect ratio (e.g., 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 4:5). 

   – Optionally, adjust frames per second (fps). 

By following these steps, you can harness the power of Pika to create stunning and tailored video content. Experiment with prompts, input media, and customize aspect ratios to achieve the desired results. 

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