Puzzle of web developing continuous

(Part 2)

As we discussed earlier, websites are a tricky one these days for business. Websites need attention once a year, updated websites play a key role for business. Some of the main requirements of the new website we can’t skip are as follows: 

  1. Domain name

Domain name is the url of website, with extension ending in different types like .com (global), .org, .store, every country have its on extension like .nl (netherlands), .in (india), .ae(arab emirati) etc. Domains are the most important part of a website development which cannot skip.

2. Hosting space

 Hosting space is the space where all codes, templates, contents are store. Like domain, hosting is also non-skippable part in website development.

3. Template

Some developers design their own templates using codes, some are available to use in free and paid versions. Templates which we download from third-party sites can be edited according to our point of view.

4. Content (non copied)

Contents are another most important for website development. We need to develop our own text content and use our own photos and videos or free copyright photos and videos.

5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO – Search Engine Optimization, the process to bring our website to the topmost search result. It has some key points to pay attention to, like meta description, title tag, etc.

6. Social media accounts links

Social media accounts links need to attach to our website always, it will help customers to visit directly on the website and can follow and see our activities on social media. Customers can follow official social media accounts, not fakes.

7. Contact details

If we provide our contact details, customers can make a quick call or mail for their queries and concerns.

8. SSL certificate

SSL certificate is a digital certificate that provides authentication and enables an encrypted connection for our website.

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Deepthi Bennan

​Marketing Manager, Cyberwaves B.V.

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